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Terms & Conditions


  1. Credit Card Authorization Form
    • If you are a recurring customer, or your order exceeds $300, you must sign a credit card authorization form.
    • ALDITO AIR accepts all major credit cards
  2. Warranty and Product Return Policy
    • We do not accept chargebacks, in order to obtain credit, you must follow the process described in the Warranty and Product Return Policy
    • You must acknowledge that you have read and accept the Aldito Air, Inc. (“ALDITO AIR”) Warranty and Product Return Policy
  3. Currency
    • The transaction will be conducted in US Dollars
  4. Shipping
    • Shipping methods available are FedEx, UPS and USPS
    • Shipping estimates provided on the website are simply estimates, if there are any changes you will be notified within 48 hours by e-mail
  5. Products
    • You are familiar with the type of products included on the ALDITO AIR website
  6. Contact Person
    • You have been informed of the contact person at ALDITO AIR that will handle your purchase
  7. Authorization By entering your credit card information:
    • You are stating that you are an authorized user of the credit card and that the associated information entered (account holder name, account number, billing address, type of credit card, expiration date, CVV2 code, shipping address, etc.) is accurate
    • You authorize ALDITO AIR to charge the amount you have requested to your credit card
    • If you set up automatic payments, then you authorize ALDITO AIR to charge the amount due for the invoice being paid to the credit card
    • You also authorize ALDITO AIR to return to your credit card any funds due to you by ALDITO AIR resulting from use of this Service
  8. Charges
    • For each transaction, in addition to the charge you have authorized, your credit card issuer and network may assess their customary transaction or handling charge, if any
    • If a charge is declined or reversed by the credit card issuer or network, you agree to pay us a service charge of $35 and to reimburse us for all reasonable costs of collection. Your credit card issuer may also assess its customary charge for such transactions
  9. Dishonored Requests for Payments
    • If your credit card issuer or network does not honor an online payment transaction, then we have the right to charge the amount of any such transaction to your account or to collect the amount from you
    • If your credit card issuer or network does not honor an online payment transaction, we may terminate any or all Service, and we may cancel your right to participate in the online payment program
  10. Confirmation of Payment
    • By clicking “Submit,” you are consenting to receive a one-time confirmation of this payment electronically to the email address you have provided to us
    • If you set up automatic payments, then you are consenting to receive a one-time confirmation of each payment electronically to the email address you have provided to us
  11. Violation of the Terms and Agreements
    • In the case that ALDITO AIR is forced to incur fees in order to collect on your account or dispute chargebacks, we will a) transfer these fees to you, b) terminate your account with ALDITO AIR

Warranty & Returns

ALDITO AIR products made in Asia that fail because of defect in material or workmanship, within a period of 1 year from day of purchase from ALDITO AIR, will be replaced to the original purchaser at no charge. All other products will be subject to that manufacturer’s warranty. There are no other warranties expressed, implied or intended other than the 1 year from day of purchase warranty.


This warranty is subject to the following conditions and exclusions:

  1. Valid Proof of Purchase
    • Warranty requests are only accepted with valid proof of purchase from ALDITO AIR.
  2. Written Notice
    • Must be given within 30 days of the discovery of an alleged defect.
    • Must include the type of product, part number, nature of the failure and date of sale and installation.
    • Copies of all work orders are required.
  3. Return Goods Authorization (RGA)
    • Must be requested prior to returning the alleged defect.
    • Returns without a RGA will be refused at the ALDITO AIR receiving docks and no credit will be issued.
    • All returns must be prepaid to the designated location as stated by the RGA.
    • No returned merchandise will be accepted without an ALDITO AIR RGA number.
    • Any unauthorized return will be at our option: returned freight collect, or if accepted, subject to a 20% handling charge
    • A 20% restocking / repackaging charge will be applied when applicable
    • Any merchandise returned in un-saleable or abused condition will be returned to customer on a freight collect basis.
    • Merchandise replacement or credit only will be allowed – NO CASH REFUNDS.
  4. Proper Installation
    • Proper installation in accordance with furnished instructions and/or acceptable industry installations methods, as stated in service manuals must be followed by installation personnel.
    • Additional Instructions:
      • Install the clutch on Compressors purchased without a clutch and set the clutch air gap per OEM specifications.
      • Check clutch electrical circuit for proper voltage per OEM specifications.
      • After compressor installation, turn the compressor shaft a minimum of 10 revolutions to remove excess lubricant from the compressor.
      • Evacuate entire A/C system for a minimum of 45 minutes.
      • Recharge with the proper refrigerants: R134a or R12.
    • When replacing scroll compressors, it is common that debris from the original compressor gets lodged in the condenser and causes the replacement compressor to experience a catastrophic failure. This can be identified by holes and large cracks in the body of the fitted replacement compressor. To avoid a warranty from being denied by ALDITO AIR, the installer must flush the evaporator and replace the following:
      • Compressor with clutch
      • Multi-pass, parallel flow condensers (Parallel Flow Condensers cannot be flushed)
      • Drier or Accumulator
      • Expansion Valve or Orifice Tube
      • Seals and O-rings
      • The work order submitted to ALDITO AIR as part of the warranty request must indicate that all of these parts were replaced.
  5. Exclusions
    • The following conditions automatically void the warranty obligations: abuse, improper use, shipping damage, damage from dropping, dead batteries, cosmetic damage, failure to service at recommended intervals and failure to follow printed instructions.
    • Clogged or broken expansion valves and/or orifice tubes, malfunctioning fuses, relays, switches, and electrical components are excluded from warranty coverage.
    • Compressor warranty is void unless the drier/accumulator, orifice tube and/or expansion valve is replaced upon installation and system is flushed using generally accepted methods.
    • If the condenser is a parallel-flow type, it must be changed.
    • The proper lubricant must be used. Units returned without lubricant and not properly capped are excluded from warranty coverage.
    • ALDITO AIR does not accept products for Stock Adjustment.
  6. Service Tools and Equipment
    1. Warrantied products will be repaired and returned to the customer.
    2. This includes vacuum pumps, leak detectors, manifold gauge sets and recovery, recycle and recharge equipment.
    3. Please contact the manufacturer of these products.
  7. Freight
    1. All orders for ALDITO AIR parts shipped to the customer’s destination specified on the order pass the risk of loss to the customer upon possession of the carrier.
    2. All shipping costs will be paid by the customer separately.
    3. Risks of damage or loss will pass to the customer upon possession of the carrier regardless of whether the carrier is chosen by ALDITO AIR.
    4. All shipments are FOB ALDITO AIR.

The expressed warranty herein is the only expressed warranty applying to the merchandise and shall be in lieu of all other expressed warranties and all implied warranties created by law, including both the implied warranty of merchantability and the implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, which shall be limited to the time and duration of the expressed warranty. Liability under this warranty shall be limited to the terms hereof and no liability for any incidental or consequential damages or labor charges will be assumed.

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